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Ugly – A Review

A cop is more interested in how a caller’s picture can be displayed on cell phone- One of the finest sequences of the film as it highlights the irreverence with which the acerbic Jadhav, played by GirishKulkarni , inquires about the missing daughter of Rahul, played by Rahul Bhat.


Jadhav who doesn’t take Rahul seriously until he gets to know that Kali’s step father is his austere boss Shoumik. A perfect sequence that depicts the exasperation and acute distress prevalent in the India’s underbelly. The story of the missing kid somehow gets lost midway when multitudes of shady characters start exploiting the situation for their own twisted motives. That may be the only foible in this otherwise towering cinematic experience.


Such flashes of irreverence have been present in AnuraghKashyap’s earlier outings too like the scene in Gangs of Wasseypur where three goons blabber on about a jackfruit while following a target to shoot. ‘Ugly’ has such moments aplenty as the director makes viewers fretful while the story unfolds. Such blithe disregard of the “rules” is what makes AnuraghKashyap’s movie so hard-hitting gritty and realistic. Defying the essence of Bollywood is what he does tremendously well and he has done it again. Unencumbered ,Anuragh infuses a whiff of fresh air of reality in his movies that are a fry cry from the cliched Bollywood’s‘ crime movie’ genre. The writing is taut and the background score by Brian Mcomber is hauntingly beautiful. Anuragh described this movie as the one “he wanted to make always”. He was not shackled by anything during the production of the film-neither the nuisance of  making  mass appealing commercial film nor being dictated by the norms.


A gut-wrenching portrait of Mumbai where callous impassive individuals hunt for money and fight for ego as the stepfather and the biological father indulge in a race to find Kali trying to upstage each other. Shalini , the mother of the missing Kali, who is coerced into staying home by his stern cold-blooded husband, a cop, Shoumik Bose embodied to perfection by Ronit Roy. He was impeccable. Watch him clench his jaw and it will petrify you enough to give you a jolt in your seat.  Anuragh amassed a spectrum of actors ranging from the desperate hapless father and actor, Rahul, grappling with his career to the debutante SiddhanthKapoor , a director who orchestrates a plan to earn a few bucks  but gets caught every time. Rahul Bhat seen after a hiatus plays the leading man part to utmost perfection complemented  by the other leading man Ronit Roy.


It is an ugly, gloomy distressing  depiction of a world of darkest of people with murky pasts. It will make you cringe at times but still be impossible to look away from. A dark tale of wretched human motives that gets darker and darker as the story progresses. It may not be for the faint-hearted ones but it surely will send the purists into raptures of cinematic pleasure. The ending of the film will surely make the weak ones weep copious tears. It is saddening to watch the end. Go for this path-breaking Bollywood gem for a change where the story is the real star of the movie! Dont miss. ⅘



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by Muhammad HaseebShahid