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The Descent (2005) – Insider

The Descent  it is one of the most thrilling horror movies I have ever watched (and I have watched lots of horror movies). Those who are passionate about horror movies know how difficult it can be to find a movie that can scare you in such a way that it is impossible to fall asleep at night. How often do you watch a movie that can make you jump out of the bed? Well, not often, but this movie can do that.



The Descent (2005)  had one of the best plots I have ever seen, and it has a big score on IMDB, which is a score of 7.3 of 10. Not many horror movies manage to obtain such a high score. It is about a group of women who want to cheer up one of their friends who lost her daughter and husband in a car accident with a year before the actual action. However, they have chosen an unmapped cave, and they will realize their mistake when they will have to face some weird creatures that are surviving by eating human flesh.

The first 10 minutes of the movie are a bit boring, but once they start moving forward in that cave everything becomes more exciting and scary. What I have found to be very interesting was the fact that the movie was all about women, their fears, their will to survive and the bond of their friendship.

The real action starts when the women become trapped in that cave after a part of it collapses. As that cave was unmapped, no one knew a way out of it. So, they have to find a way out of the cave while fighting with the creatures that are planning to have them as dinner. During their attempt to escape they have to be strong as agroup and individually as well. When you will watch the movie you will actually feel their will of surviving, despite what they must do in order to get out of that horrifying cave.

This movie  can be found on all tops with the best horror movies ever made. Not only that it is in those tops, but it is also amid the best movies from those tops.

Other specifications about The Descent

This movie is a British movie and it had a budget of 3.5 million pounds. It was written and directed by Neil Marshall.

The runtime is of 1 hour and 40 minutes, and the first creature appears after almost 50 minutes.

The acting was quite realistic, and there were many shots where you could have felt the emotions of the characters.

Hopefully, you will want now to watch this scary movie, but first I suggest you to watch its trailer.