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Penguins of Madagascar (2014)

Who says penguins can’t fly?

Well, the quartet penguins from the movie Madagascar has just ‘flew’ into cinemas, becoming a hit among cinemas goers after their debut in the spin-off of Madagascar film. Die-hard fans of DreamWorks Animation will be able to instantly recognized these penguins, the bold and self-proclaimed leader, Skipper, the brains of the team, Kowalski, the one who has the ability to swallow anything, Rico and of course, the young sweet little brother Private.

These flightless birds were once primary characters in the Madagascar film that their parts were merely as show stealers. Besides, they were very shallow characters with the least development in Madagascar. There was not much information about these penguins other than that they are a group of penguins with outrageous break out attempts and ambitious plans. Although appearing just as minor characters, these penguins have amazed viewers for many years with their cool personalities.

With a growing liking among viewers on the penguins, DreamWorks have finally decided to have a spin-off of Madagascar featuring only the penguins. Some might have criticized DreamWorks decision to produce a film of these penguins but well, they were wrong. Penguins of Madagascar is no usual animation featuring cute cuddly animals. From the beginning to the end of the film, you can’t stop laughing at these adorable penguins. They are just too hilarious even at serious sad scenes.

Once the film started, we are instantly served with heart stopping action and witty dialogues exchanged among the penguins. For example, when young Skipper, Kowalski and Rico decided to go against nature and save the rolling penguin egg. At the same time, they were actually filmed by a group of documentary crews. Then, thegags began rolling in. Werner Herzog made his cameo appearance as the narrator of the documentary. We are introduced to the dark nature of documentaries when Werner Herzog ordered one of the crew to push the penguins down for a more exciting scene. Werner’s description of the penguins’ conflict was so dramatic and silly for the older audience. There were so many clever word plays in this film especially when the villain started to order his minions using celebrity names like Drew, Moore and Nicholas. The jokes were absolutely amusing and never failed to make us laugh.

During one of their break-in or their so- called ‘mission’ to obtain Cheezy Dibbles ( the penguins favourite snack), the penguins were caught by Dr.Octavius Brine, a calcium deficient human with a too large head and too skinny legs. It turned out that Brine was actually an octopus named Dave. He hated penguins as their presence had made him being neglected in zoos. Thus, Dave created Medusa Serum which will turn the penguins into monsters instead of looking cuddly and adorable. This plot was kinda cliché to Despicable Me 2 where El Macho turned all those minions into monsters.

With an added voice talent of Benedict Cumberbatch as undercover agent Classified and John Malkovich as Dave, the film gets better and better. Cumberbatch’s character as agent Classified was another cliché character apart from Dave. Classified was the usual proud, arrogant leader of a professional spy group called the North Wind and we can simply guess the tensions between North Wind and the penguins.

Penguins of Madagascar has several positive elements which give you a reason to bring your child together. First, it taught us of love among friends or in the penguins’ case, as brothers. Private was willing to sacrifice himself to save the others from losing their cuteness to Dave. He became ugly and grew an antler on his head. Then, came another lesson which Skipper told Private that looks does not matter. It was what we did matter. Those words were really inspiring and truly brought huge impact on most of us.

In a nutshell, Penguins of Madagascar is comedy filledfilm which definitely satisfies fans of Madagascar and the Penguins. Of course, these penguins’ antics will never keep your eyes from slumping to sleep. Instead, you will end up laughing most of the times and craved for more of these penguins. It is totally a recommended movie to watch when you are feeling stressed out or bored.


Just make sure your kids don’t do the butt slapping dance in public or on other kids. It will be considered as sexual harassment.And do stay for the extra credits; you might not want to miss it.