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Captain Philips (2013)

Captain Philips Movie Review

Captain Philips is an American thriller movie which was directed by Paul Greengrass and released in 2013. Tom Hanks and Birched Abdi are the main two characters of this movie. The film was framed based on the real story of Maersk Alabama hijacking by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean in 2009. When the pirates take of the Captain Richard Phillips from MV Maersk Alabama ship then the event was triggered.

Tom Hanks was the right choice of Paul Greengrass to excavate such an incredible true story. Hanks played role as a Philips with simplicity. On way to the port of Oman he discuss with his wife about their children and today jobs market. The container ship starts voyage to Mombasa, Kenya from Port of Salalah, Oman through the Gulf of Aden. When the first officer, Shane Murphy checks out the security condition of ship and finds two skiffs of Somali pirates. Philips calls knowing pirates are listening radio traffic and pretend to reply the call as well as ensure immediate air support. To listen the Philips answer one skiff go back and another skiff attack the ship with four armed pirates led by Abduwali Muse. The pirates ride on the ship with ladder while Philips advices the crew to hide in the engine room. Philips offers $30,000 to the Muse to be free from captive but Muse’s demand was millions of dollars ransom from shipping company. The pirates search the ship during searching the engine room the pirates, Bilal cut of his feet with the broken glass. When Muse continues to search alone the crews ambushes Muse and demand to release Phillips. However, the pirates did not consent to release the captain and they left the ship with a lifeboat along with captain.

The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Bainbridge launches their voyages to rescue the captain Philips from the captive of pirates. Frank Castellano, the captain of Bainbridge orders to stop the pirates reaching mainland by any means. Muse did not want to surrender and the negotiators are unable to change his mental condition even after long discussion. However, at the last time Muse agree to broad the Bainbridge to negotiate about the Philips’s ransom. The marksmen get clear shots and kill the three pirates simultaneously. Then Philips is rescued and Muse is arrested for piracy as well as taken into the custody. Captain Philips gives thanks to the rescue team for saving him from dangerous situation. The film introduces a new formula in the Hollywood film industry where Greengrass allows time Philips and Muse to exchange beliefs and fears.