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Big Hero 6 Movie Review

Big Hero 6 is no doubt one of the most anticipated Disney movies of the year 2014. It was released in United States of America on 7th November 2014. So what actually is Big Hero 6 about?


The movie is based on Marvel’s Big Hero 6, a comic book series released somewhere in the 90s. Perhaps most of Marvel’s fans have not heard of this comic book series ever in their life. Well, they can’t be blame as the series had such a brief appearance that even Marvel had completely forgotten of their existence. However, when Disney bought over Marvel in 2009, there had been rumours on whether Disney would incorporate Marvel’s characters into their movies. Most of the fans were placing their bets on the well known superheroes of Marvel- Ironman, Captain America, Hulk and the Avengers.

However, the very question is are those superheroes fitting to be in Disney movies? Well, Disney are famous for movies which are specially made for kids and there can’t be any violence or brutal scene. With that, Disney finally chose a not so famous Big Hero 6 for their latest movie. Fans might be a little disappointed at the decision and must be left in wonder over the identity of this so called Marvel superheroes.The original Big Hero 6 was a mesh up of Japanese manga and old school style. How could Disney bring in Japanese anime for their movies?

When the trailer of Big Hero 6 was revealed, many fans heaved a sigh of relief. Disney made a huge transformation in the characters of Big Hero 6, weaving their magic wand and turn them into Disney like character. ( Honestly, the characters do look like a little like those from Pixar). Anyway, well done Disney. The original characters such as Baymax, Gogo and Honey Lemon were not a child friendly as in the movie. Once again, Disney showed their brilliance in turning those characters especially Baymax into a cute, adorable characters.

Big Hero 6 is truly a well weaved film which displays the beauty of the modern animation. The design of the futuristic fictional city of Sanfransokyo( a combination San Francisco and Tokyo) was captivating. It was really interesting to see how well Disney corporate the two totally different cultures in this movie. And it turned out better than expected. The streets of Sanfransokyo are filled with western houses and noodle stands while the Golden Gate Bridge had a Japanese temple on top of it. Disney had managed to mix both cultures well enough to fit the main character’s ethnicity who is a half Japanese.

The movie also shows us the wonders of science. It taught us that science is a powerful weapon that can be both used for good and evil. Even at the beginning of the movie, it was shown that robots are being used in illegal fighting competition which betrays the main function of robots. Hiro Hamada, our hero (no pun intended) amazed us with his knowledge on science especially with his invention of microbots. Furthermore, Hiro is only a kid which add to our list of amazements. When his elder brother, Tadashi showed him to his ‘nerd’ lab, we were again given a glimpse on the wonder of science through Tadashi’s friends projects.

Of all scenes in the movie, Hiro and Tadashi’s scenes are the best. Every scene they shared was really heart warming as if we can actually feel the brotherly love running in our veins. Tadashi was portrayed as the classic elder brother who was serious and discipline while Hiro was the exact opposite of him.. The brothers’ inventions totally spoke out of their characteristics. Baymax represented the loving, soft side of Tadashi while microbots represented the ambitious and dark side of Hiro. The microbots was finally used for evil by the villain, Professor Callaghan and at one scene, Hiro was engulfed with vengeance that he ordered Baymax to kill.

The pace of the movie was perfect only at the beginning. The storyline was well enough to keep us locking our eyes at the screen until the part where Tadashi died. From there, the story rolled down the hill. They totally ditched off the wonders of science and went on with a cliche plot where the hero fought off the villain. It would have been more interesting if they didn’t stop marvelling us with science. However, the beginning part of the movie might be a little boring for kids who were actually there to watch their adorable Baymax. A backfire for Disney.

Another fault in this movie was in the development of the other four heroes, Gogo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and Fred. Throughout the movie, these characters had very little screen time. Most of the time was dominated by Baymax and Hiro. It is understandable that Baymax and Hiro should get more screen time since they are the main characters but what does the title of the movie says?

Big Hero 6.A figure of 6.

In short, the movie was supposed to talk about six heroes, not only two of them. Gogo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and Fred had no character development making them very shallow characters. It was a disappointment that we didn’t get a glimpse on the background of these characters. It was like they magically appeared in front of us and suddenly became heroes. The sudden rush in story pace had made them synthetic especially during the scene where Hiro decided to form a team of superheroes. With little thoughts, they quickly agreed with Hiro. What an easy way to form a superhero team! Besides, the movie was also very biased to these four heroes during the battle scene. They acted more like helpers and in the end became the damsel in distress before Hiro and Baymax came to rescue.

Another disappointment is the villain, Professor Callaghan. He had totally no character development. The villain was in fact the worst and uncool villain among Disney’s villains. Callaghan was not given extra screen time and we were briefed with a short motif of vengeance he had. Again, Callaghan was the cliche villain and it was not surprising the once good guy became the villain. Callaghan was not dangerous and was a boring character.

However, despite all its flaws, Big Hero 6 taught us that love can be more than the usual family bond. Hiro loved his brother and was devastated when Tadashi perished. From that moment, Baymax appeared and replaced Tadashi to take care of Hiro. Hiro learned to accept Tadashi’s death and formed a bond with Baymax that at the end of the movie, the two developed a brother like relationship. Hiro’s’nerd’ friends- Gogo, Wasabi, Fred and Honey Lemon were also there to support Hiro. Without Baymax and their supports, Hiro would have fallen.

Overall, Big Hero 6 couldn’t have survived without Hiro and Baymax’s hilarious scenes. The graphics are up to expectations and the song ‘Immortals’ suits the theme of the movie. Moreover, Big Hero 6 is a very science based animation. It is recommended for parents to bring their children to watch this movie to spark their child’s interest in science. Other than that, it is a forgettable movie with cliche plots. If only they had showed more on the other characters, it would have been a perfect movie.

Still, Big Hero 6 is not on par with Frozen.